Hello! I’m Michael Carriere — I’m a game developer currently residing in Boston, Massachusetts.

I am one of the community leaders of the Boston Indies. I’m also a founding member of the Indie Game Collective.

I’ve worked on a few games:

  • The Beatles: Rock Band (360, PS3)
  • Rock Band Network (360, PC)
  • Rock Band 3¬†(360, PS3)
  • Dance Central¬†(360)
  • Fallen Frontier (PC)
  • Culture Shock: Afghanistan (Web, Serious)
  • Dancing with the Stars: Keep Dancing (Web, F2P)
  • Snuggle Truck (PC, iOS)
  • Jack Lumber (iOS, PC, Mac, Linux, Android)
  • Drop that Beat Like an Ugly Baby (PC)

When I’m not playing or developing games, I am probably cooking, taking pictures, or travelling with my wife. (Mainly to eat great food and take more pictures, of course.)

The purpose of this blog is mainly to capture thoughts, lessons, and experiences I’ve picked up along my journeys, and find worthy enough to share with the world.

I hope they help you in some way!