Resetting VMWare Fusion

Long story short, I wiped my XP partition on my MBP and installed Vista. Part of it was because I had created the partition too small to be able to play any games on the Windows side at my leisure, part of it was because I’ve got a friend at Microsoft who says Vista SP1 is much more of a complete product than what everyone seems to be complaining about.

Since I had jumped for a copy of Ultimate way back when, but became too apprehensive when all the reviews started rolling out, I finally installed the beast, and have had it running since.

Only problem was, VMWare Fusion wasn’t booting it because it still had remembered that my Boot Camp was originally Windows XP. Here’s a quick fix:

Turn off VMWare Fusion
Delete /Users/<your username>/Library/Application Support/VMWare Fusion/Virtual Disks/Boot Camp/%2Fdev%2Fdisk0/Boot Camp partition.vmwarevm
Restart VMWare Fusion
Boot your Windows Partition